Baihe Medical Donated Medical Supplies to Hospitals in Wuhan

                      To cooperate fully with the epidemic prevention and control work, knowing that the clinical medical materials in Wuhan are already in short supply situation, Baihe Medical immediately get in touch with hospitals in Wuhan, donating millions of medical materials such as Injection Site Adapters, Central Venous Catheters, Pressure Transducers for the treatment of infected patientsand the protection of medical staff.

                      As a medical device manufacturer, Baihe Medical is duty-bound to assist. Behind this, it is the positive response of the whole Baihe Medical health system, as well as the responsibility and mission of all employees of the company.

                      Baihe Medical will continue to pay attention to the trend of the epidemic situation. Before the epidemic is put out, we will do our best to provide strong support for the prevention and control of the epidemic, become a solid backing of medical staff and patients, hand in hand to overcome the difficulties!

                      Confidence is the most effective "vaccine", unity is the most tenacious "resistance". We are proud of the medical community's standing up and proud to live and die together as a nation. In the future, Baihe Medical will continue to adhere to its mission and assist the epidemic prevention and control work. We believe that in this war without smoke, we will usher in victory in unity!