Relocation of the New Office Building of Wuhan Baihe Medical!

                      Warblers migrate into trees and swallows move into tall buildings. Move to a new location and start a new journey!

                      On October 12, 2019, the relocation ceremony of the new office building of Wuhan Baihe Medical, a subsidiary of Baihe Medical Devices Group, was successfully held in Xiantao City, Hubei Province. The relocation marks a new stage for the development of Wuhan Baihe Medical, which demonstrates its ambition and determination in the development of medical business. At a new starting point, Wuhan Baihe Medical will continue its past achievements and open up a new brilliant future.

                      On that morining, the company held a simple and grand relocation ceremony in the new office building. Li Ming, President of Baihe Medical Devices Group, Wu Xiujuan, Vice President of Baihe Medical Devices Group, Ma Lixun, General Manager of Super Health Medical, Kuang Jing, General Manager of Wuhan Baihe Medical, Li Chaoqi, Deputy Manager of R&D Department of Wuhan Baihe Medical, Zhang Zhiting, Deputy Manager of Production Department, Zhu Heshun, Deputy Manager of Marketing Department, as well as all sales and R&D personnel of the company attended the ceremony.

                      Group photo of main participants
                      The relocation ceremony was held in front of the new office building. Lion dance was invited to liven up the ceremony, and the atmosphere at the scene was very lively. Then, the participants attended a meeting in the conference room of the new office building. General Manager Kuang Jing delivered a speech at the meeting, thanking the leaders of the parent company for their strong support for the construction of the new office building. During the meeting, Li Chaoqi, Deputy Manager of R&D Department, reported on the R&D of new products in 2019. At the end of the meeting, President Li Ming delivered an important speech and put forward the guidelines for the future development of Wuhan Baihe Medical.

                      The relocation of the new office building means that Wuhan Baihe Medical and even Baihe Medical Devices Group are stepping into a new stage. Wuhan Baihe Medical is well prepared to make Baihe Medical Devices Group march inland. Wuhan Baihe Medical will, as always, serve the group company, and will also continue to serve patients, gathering strength to move forward and creating the future, to provide new and old customers with better products and services!